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Research and Documentation

This project enables CCD to ascertain the facts as they concern issues affecting persons living with disability, thus creating the knowledge base that is necessary for advocacy, campaign and achieving the organization’s goals. Specifically, it enables the Centre to produce empirical evidence on the social condition of people living with disability in the project states, on issues of exclusion, discrimination, stigmatization, and other violations of their human and civil rights.

Training And Empowerment

This project will train persons with disabilities and their families to cope with disability, train them on the use and maintain assistive devices, train persons with disabilities on skills necessary to earn a decent living, provide assistance/support for persons with disabilities interested in skill acquisition and business establishments. We also provide training on Health Education, Human Rights & Civic Education amongst others.

Campaign and Advocacy

This project will increase public awareness of the conditions, needs, and challenges of persons with disabilities, help them overcome the traumatic experience of disability, and develop or re-establish in them a sense of self-worth.

Peer Support

These groups will provide peer counseling, hospital visitation, and information materials to assist disabled individuals in overcoming adversity, encourage disabled persons to participate in the rehabilitation of fellow disabled person, encourage peer discussion of issues of common interest, and establish peer support groups across Nigeria.

Legal Action Project

This project will secure redress for persons with disabilities whenever their rights have been violated.

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