Our vision:

To serve as the preferred civil society organization on disability rights and development in Africa.
Our mission:

To promote disability rights and development through research and documentation, advocacy and campaign, training and empowerment program, and legal aid in collaboration with state and non-state actors.

About Centre for Citizens with Disabilities

The Centre for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) is a not-for-profit making and foremost human rights organization of, and for persons with disabilities that works to promote inclusion, participation, access, and the mainstreaming of issues of critical concern of citizens with disabilities in the programmes and activities of state and non-state institutions. Also, it works to educate, support and empower persons with disabilities and their families to maximize their potential. It was established in 2002 in Lagos and incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission Abuja as a charity organization with registration number CAC/IT/23286.

The organisation was founded as a result of the founder’s harrowing experiences at the hands of the rebel warlords in the war-torn Sierra Leone who tearfully amputated his two hands, thereby forcefully consigning him into physical disability.

CCD is recognized by Federal and State institutions as a credible NGO working on disability matters. We have over the past fourteen years sought a redefinition of society’s perception of the plight of persons with disabilities.

CCD is managed by a Board of Trustees (BoTs) and Professional Staff (PS) complements that are gender sensitive as a deliberate corporate policy.

Mandate and Objectives

CCD’s mandate and objectives includes:

  • To protect, promote and safeguard the rights of persons with disabilities and promote public enlightenment in civic education, human rights and public policy;
  • To initiate and implement programmes, policies and activities geared toward the promotion and enhancement of the welfare of persons with disabilities;
  • To empower or assist in empowering persons with disabilities and regularly access the impact of public policy on human rights and report on same through publications seminars, workshops and lectures;
  • To educate, sensitise, counsel and mobilize persons with disabilities in various areas critical to their survival and progress and support and advocate for respect for the rule of law and due process;
  • To monitoring the formulation and implementation of policies that impact on or are of public interest as relevant to persons with disabilities and publish reports, newsletters, journals or policy papers on same;
  • To organize seminars, symposia, conferences on cutting edges issues and trends in socio-political and economic development as they affect persons with disabilities.

CCD’s current funders

Within the context of the aforementioned mandates the CCD has variously implemented projects and, thus, acquired profound competences for project management. CCD’s current funders include:

  • Netherlands Funded Project on Strengthening Persons with Disabilities Advocacy Capacity in Nigeria
  • Justice for All Programme (DfID) funded project on Enhancing Access To Justice for People Living With Disabilities (PWDs) in Lagos State
  • Ford Foundation funded project on Enhancing Access to Public Infrastructures
  • OSIWA Funded project on Breaking Barriers Against Nigerians with Disabilities
  • PLAC funded project on OPD Consultative Meeting on Electoral and Constitutional Reforms in Kaduna and Owerri.
  • US CONSULATE funded project on Strengthening Citizens with Disabilities’ Participation in Democratic Governance in Abia State.
  • DFID funded project on Strengthening Participation of Persons with Disabilities on Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Disability Awareness Week (DAW) with support from Chevron Nigeria Limited



Research and Documentation

This project enables CCD ascertain the facts as they concern issues affecting persons living with disability, thus creating the knowledge base that is necessary for advocacy, campaign and achieving organization’s goals. Specifically, it enables the Centre to produce empirical evidence on the social condition of people living with disability in the project states, on issues of exclusion, discrimination, stigmatization, and other violations of their human and civil rights.

Campaign and Advocacy

This project will increase public awareness of the conditions, needs, and challenges of persons with disabilities, help them overcome the traumatic experience of disability, and develop or re-establish in them a sense of self-worth.

Legal Action Project

This project will secure redress for persons with disabilities whenever their rights have been violated.

Training And Empowerment

This project will train persons with disabilities and their families to cope with disability, train them on the use and maintain assistive devices, train persons with disabilities on skills necessary to earn a decent living, provide assistance/support for persons with disabilities interested in skill acquisition and business establishments. We also provide training on Health Education, Human Rights & Civic Education amongst others.

Peer Support

These groups will provide peer counselling, hospital visitation, and information materials to assist disabled individuals in overcoming adversity, encourage disabled persons to participate in the rehabilitation of fellow disabled person, encourage peer discussion of issues of common interest, and establish peer support groups across Nigeria.

CCD’s Present Concern

CCD defines it’s present concern yearly. Our current concern for the year 2017 are: Securing Nigeria Disability laws at the National & state level, Inclusion and Effective Participation of Citizens with Disabilities in the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs), Enhancing persons living with disabilities voice and participation in the democratization process; Climate Change and persons with disabilities; the Domestication of UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Reproductive Health and HIV & AIDS Education among Persons with Disabilities, Civic & Human Rights Education, Observation of 2015 General Elections and Campaign against discrimination and stigma of persons living with disability.


Current/Recent Projects/Activities:

Our recent activities include the following:

  • Baseline Survey on Access to Sanitation among Citizens with Disabilities
  • Breaking Barriers Against Nigerians with Disabilities in Abuja (OSIWA)
  • Enhancing Access to Public Infrastructures in Benue, Enugu, Gombe, Kaduna, Lagos, Rivers and Abuja FCT (Ford Foundation);
  • Enhancing Access To Justice for People Living With Disabilities (PWDs) in Lagos State;
  • Baseline Survey on Access to Justice for Persons with Disabilities in Ikorodu, Surulere and Amuwo-Odofin LGAs of Lagos State (Justice for All Programme – DfID);
  • Disability Awareness Week 2015;
  • Advocacy for Nigeria disability law &
  • Disability friendly constitution;
  • Advocacy and Influencing of the passage and signing of Lagos State Special Peoples Law;
  • Survey on access to banking hall and services;
  • Establishment of a Disability Digital Library in Ikeja amongst others.


  • 2008 – CCD won Red Ribbon Special Recognition Award. The Red Ribbon Awards is organised annually by Journalists Against AIDS (JAAIDS) Nigeria with partners including the National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA), the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), the Ford Foundation Office for West Africa, ActionAIDS Nigeria and Strengthening Nigeria’s Response (SNR Project).Other partners of the awards include Hygeia Nigeria Limited, the Network of People living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria (NEPWHAN) and the Omololu Falobi Foundation.
  • 2008 – Our Executive Director was elected as a member of the steering committee of Africa Campaign on Disability and HIV/AIDS in Kampala, Uganda.
  •  2009 – Our Executive Director was awarded the Most Articulate Peer Educator for the Year 2009. The award was given to him by the Plantation Positive Youth Initiative, a Lagos based support group on HIV & AIDS in recognition of his commitment and campaign for accessible and Disability friendly National HIV & AIDS response in Nigeria.
  • 2010 – Our Executive Director was appointed as a member of Rehabilitation International Commission on Policy and Services representing Nigeria
  • 2014 – CCD was Awarded – Recognition Service Award by De Beautiful Beginning Schools in recognition of our service to citizens with disabilities.

Affiliations: CCD is a founding member of the following organizations:

  • Campaign 2015+,
  • Nigeria Disability Forum,
  • Coalition of Disability Organisations, (CODO);
  • Lagos State Civil Society Coalition, and International Campaign Against Impunity.

Also CCD is affiliated with the following groups:

  • Nigeria Civil Society Situation Room;
  • Development Watch Initiative;
  • Transition Monitoring Group (TMG);
  • Coalition on Issue-based Politics and Good Governance;
  • Nigeria Coalition on International Criminal Court;
  • African Campaign on Disability and HIV/AIDS,
  • UN Coalition Against Corruption,
  • Association for Women’s Rights in Development among others.

Head Office

  • 3, Salvation road, Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos
  • +234 1 453 5253, +234 (0)805 1977 606
  • info@ccdnigeria.org

Branch Office

  • 71 Olokoro Street, Umuahia, Abia State.
  • +234 905 789 6888
  • ccdnigeria@gmail.com
CCD is recognized by Federal and State institutions as a credible NGO working on disability matters. We have over the past fourteen years sought a redefinition of society’s perception of the plight of persons with disabilities.

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